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Convert More Leads with Call Analytics

According to Automatit client data, 4 out of 5 self storage reservations are made over the phone. Your marketing efforts on search engines, signage, and elsewhere lead many users to call your business directly. The great news is that when compared to web leads, calls tend to convert 10 to 15 times more often. Considering this large number of potential tenants likely to reach out and convert by phone, not tracking your calls means putting yourself at risk to miss those conversions.

While you may feel that your facility does well catching every call that comes in, you likely mean during business hours, and you could be missing which marketing campaign of yours (what particular verbiage, imagery, or discount) lead a user to call. Call tracking, attribution, and analytics allow you to view all of your tracked calls together - quantifying how many calls came from a new sign, organic search engine traffic, or your search engine ad and whether those calls provided qualified leads. You’ll be able to stack up performance month over month with confidence you aren’t missing out on any valuable data during or after business hours.

Referring to your call analytics and web analytics side by side means having a more complete image of your marketing efforts at your fingertips. This better-informed image is how you can best assess which advertisements are driving qualified calls to your business and optimize your return on investment (ROI). Call analytics will deliver key performance indicators from call tracking metrics (such as call source) and call recording metrics (such as lead scoring).

Implementing Call Tracking Numbers

Call tracking numbers are phone numbers created with the express purpose of tracking where the caller found your business while still driving all calls to your business phone. You may choose individual call tracking numbers for dozens of different unique locations, but only your landline (or mobile business phone) will ring.

With all of your call tracking numbers in place, you’ll be able to review which marketing channels perform best for your facility.

If you decide you want to get very granular with your tracking, you can even compare call traffic from landing pages or ads with different keywords in them to find out what language appeals to your ideal tenant best.

3 reasons why PCI compliance matters to your self-storage operation

PCI compliance is a growing concern in the self-storage industry because many self-storage companies now offer online payment options for tenants. If your website accepts online credit card payments, you are required to demonstrate compliance with PCI standards.

But here’s the catch: You might not know if your website is out of compliance. Unfortunately, website providers and payment portals don’t have to ensure PCI compliance unless you requested it when the site was created.

So, whether you know it or not, your operation could be at risk for non-compliance. To mitigate risk, you need to understand why PCI compliance is important to your business.


Knowing Your Call Volume

Tracking all your calls across each platform means having the average number of calls you receive per day, week, or month at your fingertips. You’ll be able to see what your average call volume is for particular days of the week, or months in the year, so you’ll know what is a usual pattern for your facility vs. what is a clear marketing win. This knowledge will allow you to gauge which marketing platform or campaign provides the return on investment (ROI) you want.


Tracking Call Duration

You may not have even considered this before tracking your calls, but some calls yield better leads. In particular, longer calls often mean better leads. The more questions asked and addressed, the more likely the caller will end up renting with your facility. A caller who briefly requests office hours, price, and/or availability could still be in the initial information-gathering part of their shopping process, and therefore not as serious.

Comparing the average call duration across ads, campaigns, and pages will clarify where the longest conversations are coming from and likely the best leads.


Logging Missed Calls

Unless you have phone representatives to monitor your facility’s incoming calls 24/7, you are going to miss calls. Though some callers have enough intention to leave a voicemail for follow up, many callers (as many as 85% of people) will skip leaving a voicemail and simply give up. Tracking all of your calls means having access to all missed calls, so that you can reach out and retarget callers who have not left a voicemail.


Attributing Calls by Keyword

While using the right keywords to optimize for search engines is common knowledge, using the right keywords to optimize for greater call volume is also a smart business move. Listening to your calls or reading through transcripts will allow you to capture keywords that often drive calls and rentals. You can then use these keywords in site copy, the scripts you give agents/managers, and for your ad campaigns to see better results.


Classifying Leads

Automatic lead classification or lead scoring allows you to quickly access the most qualified calls. Incoming recorded calls are marked and classified according to whether or not the manager or caller use industry-relevant keywords during the conversation. For example, a call full of questions like: “What size unit will I need?” “What is your monthly rate?” or “What are your access hours?” will quickly be marked as a strong lead.


Collecting Call Transcriptions

Listening to every call may not be a realistic task, so call transcriptions are an excellent way to get a glimpse of valuable keywords & conversations broken down by who is speaking without listening to call after call.


Collecting Call Transcriptions

All of this data can be collected & analyzed without demanding time from you or your staff. You will stay consistently well informed without having to labor over call logs or follow labyrinthine analytics flows to find out where a caller may have located your business. Considering the minimal effort from you, the payoff of call analytics is worthwhile.

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