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Real People Creating Real Results

Christopher Baird Christopher Baird Founder and President
Chris Carroll Chris Carroll VP Of Product
Matt Manis Matt Manis Technology Director
Kelly Pate Kelly Pate Operations Director
Kelly Hamilton Kelly Hamilton Director of Client Success
Joe Evans Joe Evans Marketing Director
Ron Bradley Ron Bradley Lead Front-End Developer
Brent Ammann Brent Ammann Lead Support Technician
Victoria Glover Victoria Glover Lead Graphic Designer
Kylie Fahey Kylie Fahey Lead Marketing Adviser
Jamie Boros Jamie Boros Outside Sales Representative
Andrea Guerra Andrea Guerra Graphic Designer
Tyler Crawford Tyler Crawford Graphic Designer
David Geare David Geare Back-End Developer
Tom Ressler Tom Ressler Back-End Developer
Austin Robison Austin Robison Front-End Developer
Willie Maglothin Willie Maglothin Front-End Developer
William William "Joe" MacNish Support Technician
Danny Ho Danny Ho Support Technician
Gilberto Rascon Gilberto Rascon Support Technician
John Curtis John Curtis QA Specialist
Heather Wilford Heather Wilford Marketing Coordinator
Angelica Ewing Angelica Ewing Billing Specialist
Victoria Bachman Victoria Bachman Project Coordinator
William Aguayo William Aguayo Graphic Designer
Niomi Sandoval Niomi Sandoval Marketing Strategist
Stephen Lewis Stephen Lewis Marketing Strategist
Anthony Aguilera Anthony Aguilera Marketing Strategist
Paul Hawkins Paul Hawkins Marketing Strategist
Brian Cantrell Brian Cantrell Marketing Strategist
Sam Locke Sam Locke Marketing Strategist
Paige Braaten Paige Braaten Marketing Strategist
Savannah Baird Savannah Baird Office Assistant