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We Are Commited To Our Clients

We celebrate the different viewpoints and experiences our diverse group of team members bring to Automatit. We're committed to sharing our wealth of experience with every client. We're not just an agency, we're your partner.

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Kelly Hamilton
Managing Director
Kelly Pate
Director of Operations
David Geare
Development Manager
CJ Pomerantz
Product Manager
Alison Brady
Digital Strategy Manager
Heather Wilford
Project Manager
Robert Mohle
Account Executive
Stephen Lewis
Sr. Marketing Strategist
Ryan Bustamante
Sr. Marketing Strategist
Philip Moses
Sr. Marketing Strategist
Paul Hawkins
Marketing Strategist
Eve Higgins
Marketing Assistant
Tom Ressler
Software Developer
Cameron Lange
Jr. Software Developer
Brian Cantrell
Sr. Web Developer
Paula Manrique
Project Coordinator
Angelica Ewing
Billing Specialist
Nicole Luna
Graphic Designer
Farnaz Mansouri
Graphic Designer
William Aguayo
Graphic Designer
John Curtis
QA Specialist
Danny Ho
Jr. Web Developer
Gilberto Rascon
Jr. Web Developer
William 'Joe' MacNish
Jr. Web Developer